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"Points Northeast" refers to the area of Tacoma and Pierce County, Washington that is located across Commencement Bay from downtown Tacoma. The three distinct communities within the area are; Dash Point (on the north side), Browns Point (on the western point), and Northeast Tacoma (to the south & east) which extends from Cresent Heights to near Fife--an area that stretches along the bluffs which overlook the tide flats of the Puyallup River and separating it from downtown Tacoma.

In 1986 three Dash Point community members (Mavis Stears, Patti Hurlbut and Jill Barkley) decided to start a Historical Society to represent and unite three historically connected communities of Dash Point, Browns Point and N.E. Tacoma.


Mavis Stear’s research for a college assignment led to the publication of book “Two Points of View”  and provided the initial catalyst for the beginnings of an organization. One hundred Charter memberships offered at $25 each along with a generous donation from the Browns Point Improvement Club provided seed money for the Society, incorporated on August 21, 1986.  A Mission Statement and bylaws were written.  A logo was created.  The Browns Point Lighthouse Coast Guard property was nominated to the National Historical Register.

"Points Northeast" refers to an area of Pierce County, WA, on Puget Sound across Commencement Bay from downtown Tacoma


It includes the areas of Browns Point, Dash Point, and Northeast Tacoma

In celebration of Washington State’s 1889 Statehood Centennial, temporary museum space was donated at the Browns Point Shopping Center to collect  and display local history items.  Many items were later secured for permanent collection.  A 1989 Washington State Centennial Picnic was held at the Lighthouse Park well attended by the communities.  A research center followed in 1991 with  an agreement with the Metropolitan Park District and the U.S. Coast Guard located in the “Crew Quarters” at the Lighthouse Park.  In 2000  PNEHS officially became "Partners" with Metro Parks Tacoma and allowed the Lightkeepers Cottage to be open for the public to visit and created a "Lightkeepers Tour of Duty" which allowed people to rent the cottage to experience life as a lighkeeper.  Eventually a basement  history museum, boathouse exhibits, and display of the original fog bell in former pumphouse were added.  An agreement with Northpoint Coop Preschool made provision for a small museum and archive to be established in  old Dash Point School principal's office. Volunteers have made the Points NE Historical Society a very special place in our communities.

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