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"Points Northeast" refers to an area of Pierce County, WA, on Puget Sound across Commencement Bay from downtown Tacoma


It includes the areas of Browns Point, Dash Point, and Northeast Tacoma


Thank You! for considering a donation to help us with operating expenses or lighthouse restoration. You are able to choose how your donation will be put to use.


Below is an explanation of each:

The General Fund donations go toward our operating expenses, such as maintenance of the 6 restored buildings at the Browns Point Light Station in the Lighthouse Park.  We are currently without income due to COVID-19 closure of our vacation rental, the Lightkeeper’s Cottage.

Lighthouse Restoration donations are earmarked strictly for lighthouse restoration.  This is a $150,000 project, completed in phases, such as rebuilding the concrete steps, lead paint abatement and re-painting, restoring windows and doors, and replicating the original lantern. Construction will begin spring 2021.

Other methods of donating:

If you wish to donate, but would prefer to send a check via mail or in person, please send to the mailing address below, or call us to arrange other options. Thank you.

Mailing Address: 
Points Northeast Historical Society
6716 Eastside Dr. NE #1-135
Browns Point, WA 98422

Phone: 253-927-2536

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